Monday, May 31, 2010

How to avoid becoming a Bridezilla

Alright, now I have a bone to pick... ladies, why do some of you get SO obsessed with your weddings as to go to the point of turning into a total and utter Bridezilla?!?

Does it really matter if the the napkin shades are off a tad? Do you need to bring out the attitude just because you spotted one dirty glass? I'm not sure I will ever understand the fascination behind the obsession, but here are a few tips to avoid terrorizing everyone involved in your bridal party...

  • Don't be a control freak. Yes you want to get what you pay for, but be realistic. Some things will always be out of your control and last minute - don't let these things get to you and ruin your day as well as others.

  • Remember what the day is really about. It's not about the cake having the perfect amount of flowers, the dress upstaging everyone else's or any of the material things surrounding you. It is about you committing to someone else for the rest of your life and promising to always be there for them. Start being the significant other that can handle reality from day one.

  • Leave your ego at the door please. Yes, this day is about you... no, you are not God. Just because you will be the center of attention does not give you the right to step on other people or belittle them. Keep your head grounded no many how many wishes, congrats and compliments you may receive. Being humble is strongly underrated.

Hope these tips and tricks help you walk down the aisle with class and grace on your big day... nobody wants to be the bride everyone remembered as

BRIDEZILLA.... (ahhhhhhhhh!)


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