Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fashion Note - Sumptuous Fabrics

There are certain fabrics that were created to enhance the femininity, softness and strength of a woman. Fabrics so sumptuous you want to feel their texture against your skin... materials that give such a delicate edge to your natural beauty that they transform you from ordinary to goddess.

Sleeping in silk, cuddled in cashmere, seductive in lace, warmed by fur, comforted in cotton... all these natural fibers bring to mind memories, ideals and fantasies.

What I fail to comprehend is why more women aren't embracing the instant luxury that comes from adorning the body with these textiles! I'm not talking about cotton in the form of denim, lace as a trim on a tank top or faux silk satin polyester pants... I'm talking the real deal ladies and gents!

Real french lace baby dolls and gloves, velvet dresses and top hats, cashmere blend jackets, Egyptian cotton bedding, fur throws for a glamorous night out on the town... The fabric/fiber quality makes a world of difference when compared to their knock-off counterparts.

There is nothing like spoiling your sense of touch with lavish and extravagant offerings :)

As coveted as the delicate and soft may be, there is something so intriguing about adding structure to the mix. Boning and corsetry, a ballerina's performance slippers... leather and ribbon, grommets on satin... the perfect external representation of the inner strength of the woman wearing it. As in life, it's all about the quest to finding the perfect balance of tough and tender.

Indulge in your womanly rights with opulent textures.

Have a beautiful week!


Fashionista 514

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