Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Liv-Chic Boudoir Furniture

I recently stumbled upon liv-chic interiors and vintage inspired boudoir furniture, and I must say... all I want to do is completely redesign my place with all these goodies!!! Albeit the hefty price tags, these stunning pieces can turn a regular flat into a Queens quarter!

Their complete interior design looks like something right out of Carrie's redone place in Sex and the City... vivid and fresh colors, sexy prints and luxurious textiles all come together for a textured and refined modern look.

Want the same look for less? Invest in an interestingly shaped antique love seat or armchair, have it re-upholstered in the luxe fabric of your choice and spray paint the wooden areas something both girly and funky (think white, silver, gold or black for dramatization).

It's really amazing what a small can of spray paint can do for you... freshen up old drab dressers, lamps, bookshelves... you name it! Details and personality can be easily added with stencils and Sharpies... so really you have no excuse!

Get out there and glamorize your living space!

Every goddess needs her castle...
Live it. Love it.


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Anonymous said...

are these for sale?!!! THese are so cool and awesome!

Anonymous said...

this is a nice way to furnish rooms

Anonymous said...

where can you buy furniture like this from?

Anonymous said...

where the heck can we buy these!!

Katayna Grimm said...

Try baroqueandfsbulous.com guys!

Unknown said...

( baroqueandfabulous.com) I mean! Lol

Kathleen Grigg said...

( baroqueandfabulous.com) I mean! Lol

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