Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Your Summer time Fragrance, Sex and the City Inspired!

So I've been seeing this scent everywhere lately, and that's no surprise at the Sex and the City 2 is coming THIS WEEK! (Some of the amazing ladies from Maddy K are attending the preview, including myself!! Yes, I'll blog about it!!!)

Sarah Jessica Parker explains the scent here:

"A large part of the inspiration was what I now understand to be people's impressions of seeing Carrie Bradshaw walk down the street and what feelings that evokes for her and for them -- a real sense of freedom and possibilities, a love for the city around her and, of course, fashion, but the most surprising aspect [of SJP NYC] is the strawberry note that looms nicely at the top of the fragrance," Parker continued. "The reason it surprises me is because I have this idea in my head that strawberry is very youthful and juvenile, but this fragrance doesn't smell candy sweet. It amazes me that this essence of strawberry mixes so beautifully with the more sophisticated floral notes and the musks that I love and will always have as part of my fragrances. In a million years I would never think, 'Let's work around strawberry.'"

It's just fabulous as a daily scent and definitely something that's great as a little gift for one of your best girlfriends or... .bridesmaids! :)

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Well Sexy Carrie Bradshaw showing her tanned body and her beautiful pink stuff.

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