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Robyn of Fashionista514 has a love of fashion, couture, boudoir and burlesque makes her a perfect blogger for the Bridal Boudoir Affair! And what's more... Robyn will be the official blogger at the Bridal Boudoir Affair in 2010. She'll posting throughout the entire event, making sure you won't miss a thing!

We hope you enjoy Robyn's weekly post on the Bridal Boudoir Website!

Valerie has been working with Maddy K for 2 years now. She's Maddy's go to gal for Public Relations and one of Maddy's resident bloggers. She's a Public Relations Graduate from McGill University and has studied English Lit and Social Science at Humber College in Toronto.

From working at Apple to volunteering for Non-Profit organizations, Valerie's background is as diverse as they come! No seriously, she knows little bit about everything and loves to talk!

We really hope you enjoy Valerie's post about all things boudoir - and her love of the 1920's, vintage glamour and boudoir!