Monday, June 28, 2010

The Seductive Appeal of Agent Provocateur

We all know the intense draw we women feel towards exceptionally beautiful and fragile things... something about the french lace, the blindfolds, the naughty but delicate fluidity that we ourselves possess as well... and something about companies that are equally able to capture that essence and continuously deliver a product that we cannot imagine ourselves living without!

Welcome my darlings to the magical world of Agent Provocateur! A land of pin-ups, dominatrix vixens and flirtatious nymphs are all waiting to be discovered... a brand sugarcoated in to-die-for sex.

Not only are their styles and cuts impeccable, but the quality is pretty hard to top (Vivienne Westwood taught her son (one of the brand's owners and creators) right)!

I am now the owner of multiple AP bras, bustiers, nipple pasties and knickers and they all most definitely top my lingerie list. They make you feel like a doll... all dressed up in her best apparel, and well, I would be lying if I said that my boyfriend doesn't appreciate it ;).

Be sure to check out their summer collection and swimsuits (and stay tuned in for their sales - mega worth it)! If you're getting married, their bridal lingerie is TO DIE FOR!

Now go - spread the word my lovelies!


Fashionista 514

Friday, June 11, 2010

Your Dream Gown


I find that the reality of your dream gown and what you can afford are usually 2 different things. A friend of mine just told me that she spent $2000 on a gown, and it was definitely a steal of deal! But maybe because I'm surrounded by the industry, I think that's a great price. Most people don't see it as such.
They think, why would I spend that much on my wedding day - sure it's a valid point, but that's how much they cost.

So what's your dream gown - is there a designer you've always loved but know it's out of the price range? For me it's Pnina Tornai - exclusive designer at Kleinfeld's and just an amazing talent!
Although I don't have a dress picked out from Pnina, I always envisioned it to be something like:

Stunning, isn't it? Her dresses usually range in the $7000 + category, so really.... it's a dream dress not a "gonna pick it up" dress.

Let me know what your DREAM DRESS IS! Who's your favourite designer, what are you dreams when it comes to the perfect wedding dress?

Have a great weekend,