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2009 Bridal Boudoir Comes to a close!

So that's it! The first Bridal Boudoir is done! We want to thank our fabulous speakers, host, sponsors and all of our wonderfully amazing volunteers! The day COULD NOT have happened with out you!!!

Untill 2010 - I can already hear the brides buzzing about next year!

Pics from the fashion show--Here they are!!! THE DRESSES!


Some of these dresses were truly original and dramatic, while others were frothy princess-y confections. I need to get married just to get my hands on one of these.
Check out the lingerie too... ooh la la!


Watching the fashion show and one word: fabulous!! Pictures coming soon!

Wedding Gown Trends for 2010

Angela is listing the top upcoming wedding gown trends, straight from the New York Runway!

I've compiled them for you, in brief, of course!!!

  1. Full Skirts
  2. Drop Waist
  3. Mermaid Shapes
  4. Straight & Simple Gowns
  5. Vintage - my favorite!!
  6. Grecian Goddess-Inspired Styles
  7. Short & Sweet Minidresses
  8. Lace, of course!!
  9. "Sweet Confections", full skirts with tons of details
  10. Tons of Ruching
  11. Tiered Skirts
  12. Plunging Necklines, instead of Strapless
  13. Intricate Detailing on the back of the dress - can't forget the back!!
  14. Wraps instead of Veils
  15. Champagne-Colored instead of White

And, of course, my personal favorite,

Hair Accessories in place of veils and tiaras.

Fashion Show is underway! Beautiful gowns!!

Behind the Scenes Excitement!!

I snuck a little candid of the models getting ready for the Fashion Show that should be starting any minute!!

Here's our girls getting primped and coiffed. They look amazing! I can't wait to see what creations they'll be wearing!!

Live: from the Fashion Show!

The brides-to-be are sipping champagne and munching on delicious cupcakes while our guest speakers offer priceless advice on wedding planning!

Hosted by the beautiful Natasha Gargiulo, Marcy Blum just finished her presentation. Here she is speaking!!

Next up, we have Angela Desveaux, the Editor-in-Chief at WedLuxe Magazine, offering sage words on upcoming Bridal Trends.

Angela right now is talking about upcoming wedding trends, and she just mentioned a bride who based her wedding on the Sex and the City "Something Blue" Manolo Blahnik shoes!! Adorable!

Don't forget to stop and smell the flowers

I loved these gorgeous flowers and place setting arrangements, done by Les Fleurs Kenzo. So bright and colourful!

P.S. Angela Desveaux, the editor of WedLuxe is speaking right now and just predicted that rich vibrant jewel tones are going to be a huge wedding trend in 2010!

Treasured Memories with Jordan Jade!

Some of us may not be technologically savvy, but Elan at Jordan Jade can solve all your problems! Her specialty is turning your regular photos into a keepsake DVD slideshow! I chatted with her and her sister-in-law, Danielle - and Danielle told me that Elan made her a fantastic Bridal Shower Quiz video! What a fabulous keepsake!!


Feed Me, Nocochi!

Lovely and poised, the young lady from patisserie Nocochi didn't let me leave her booth without trying at least two pastries. At least two? I would've tried all of them!!!

Miniature Baklavas were her most popular, she claimed, but I can't imagine how all of the pastries weren't devoured!!!!

Nocochi is on Mackay, corner Sherbrooke.

Details, details, details

Presenting the amazingly detailed work of Chandelier Blanc. The invitation is essentially the very first "contact" your future guests have with your wedding. It gives your guests a little idea of what the style of the wedding will be like, so invitations that uniquely suit you are so important.

Feathers, Beads and Flowers, OH MY!!

The fabulous Luluthia Flowers set up a beautiful setting adorned with feathers and fresh flowers. I couldn't help but fawn over them!!! Whimsical, yet chic, I can totally see myself dying to have table settings at my own wedding!!

Phototerra Studio

I was formally introduced to Michael Greenberg and his team - but I'd recognized his work from peers' weddings!! Beautiful photography, Michael manages to make every single bride look like a supermodel, fresh out of Bride's Magazine.

Amazingly chic wedding pictures!

Cue the Music

A big question for every bride is DJ vs. band or both? The members of Trio Instrumental Pop are not the typical wedding band. Young, classy, and modern, they will play anything from Motown, to jazz, to current day stuff like Alicia Keys material. However, even they recommend having both a band and a DJ in order to be able to alternate and really be able to hear anything you want.

Cookies? Yes, Please!!!

The beauties at L&V Sweets - Lara and Vanessa - have the most scrumptious selection of speciality cookies. Shapes like martini glasses, wedding dresses and wedding cakes don't even begin to describe what these pretty girls have to offer!!! Meticulously detailed with colorful icing, their cookies are excellent party favors to pass out!!!

I can't wait to sample one!

Taboo, but not Forbidden

As a self-proclaimed chocoholic, I had to make a stop at Taboo's chocolate booth. After sampling their delicious "Pinnacle" chocolate, I was sold - a heavenly mix of dark chocolate filled with a spicy combination of cinnamon and chilli pepper!!


Setting the Perfect Ambiance


The right decor can truly make a wedding. It sets the mood, creates an ambiance, and can make a room feel downright other-worldly. Case in point: this fabulous-set up by Raphael Assayag from Decoraph.

Capturing your moment


Here are Davina and Daniel - a happily married couple themselves - of Davina + Daniel Wedding Photography. Check out their website, their work is truly unique.
Make sure to check out the blog section too!

Clever Bride!!

Here are the lovely ladies at Clever Bride - an online and newly expanded Bridal one-stop-shop website/Magazine!

Check their page out:

Marcy Blum: Wedding Planner to the Stars!!

Here are some sneaky candids of Marcy Blum, amazing wedding planner, giving an interview to the Bridal Boudoir Affair team.

Marcy's one of the highest in-demand wedding planners from NYC! She's planned some amazing celebrity weddings, and mentioned that if one of her brides knew she was in Montreal hanging out here, instead of at HER wedding, she'd be really upset!!!

Fashion Show: T-1 Hour!!!

The beautiful models are practicing and getting ready for the beautiful fashion show starting at 4 p.m.

The Koko Lounge looks fabulous, furnished with amazing Louis Ghost chairs for the brides to sit in! It looks empty now, but in an hour, the room will be unrecognizable, filled will brides-to-be!!! I can't wait to see what gorgeous gowns will be showcased in the show!

Love that lime green runway!!!!

Some Fun Crowd Pictures!

Hey bartenders!! They're serving up great cocktails.
Here's a lovely bride-to-be getting her hair & make-up done at the Sylva K booth! I bet she's going to look even more STUNNING when Sylva's done!! Can't wait to see!

Busy, busy, busy!!!!

Feast your eyes ladies...
Luisa Galuppo of Luisa Gallupo Cakes makes all her cakes herself, and all her flowers are hand-made and edible... yes, even these orchids! Delicious.

Candy Cocktail? Count Me In!!!!

Melissa at Sugar Heaven has delicious cannisters of treats for you!

Instead of a boring snore regular sweet table at your wedding, why not invoke your inner kid and have a candy-filled sweet table??

One of her specialties, other than satisfying your sweet tooth, is this magical "Candy Cocktail", which is an alcohol and candy-infused tasty drink! Yummy!!!

Check her out -

Melissa's sweet as sugar, and her candy is too!

Sparkly Jewels

I'm a pure sucker for sparkly jewelry - costume or real - so when I saw Jennifer Laoun-Rubenstein's booth covered with beautiful baubbles, I had to stop and have a visit.

Jennifer & her sister, Laura, have one of the sparkliest booths here! Jennifer herself personally makes each beautiful piece of fun colorful costume jewelry. The girls were sweet as sugar, and let me try on a bracelet. I didn't want to take it off!!!

Jennifer's pieces are funky, colorful and timeless! What great pieces for a trendy bride to wear!
I spoke with the girls from the amazing Rouge nail bar - a perfect place to throw a bridal shower... hello cocktails and mani-pedis! Note to eco-friendly brides: Rouge also carries Butter, the only 100% organic beauty line in North America.

It's Almost Time!!

Happy day Brides-to-be!

Kelly and I (Jackie) are anxiously awaiting for the Bridal Boudoir Affair to begin! We just did a little tour of the vendors, and everything looks amazing!!!

Check out the Suco Lounge:

That's where all the vendors are!! Looks fabulous! I can't wait to visit the cake vendors!

Brides are just starting to arrive. What a fun day it's going to be! All these lucky girls will be getting a gorgeous gift bag that the Maddy K worker bunnies have been preparing. Wonder what's inside!!!

Stay tuned for more updates!!


Pretty Ladies

Say hello to the three beautiful faces you'll see when you check in! Looking hot ladies!!!

And, of course, say hello to the stunning Maddy K herself! I snuck this little candid in before she zipped down to the Suco Lounge. Isn't Maddy adorable?? Saucy kicks!!!!

Everyone looks so chic and adorable!

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We are ready for the set-up of the show tomorrow! At the Opus bright and early! Will update while we're there!

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