Friday, June 11, 2010

Your Dream Gown

I find that the reality of your dream gown and what you can afford are usually 2 different things. A friend of mine just told me that she spent $2000 on a gown, and it was definitely a steal of deal! But maybe because I'm surrounded by the industry, I think that's a great price. Most people don't see it as such.
They think, why would I spend that much on my wedding day - sure it's a valid point, but that's how much they cost.

So what's your dream gown - is there a designer you've always loved but know it's out of the price range? For me it's Pnina Tornai - exclusive designer at Kleinfeld's and just an amazing talent!
Although I don't have a dress picked out from Pnina, I always envisioned it to be something like:

Stunning, isn't it? Her dresses usually range in the $7000 + category, so really.... it's a dream dress not a "gonna pick it up" dress.

Let me know what your DREAM DRESS IS! Who's your favourite designer, what are you dreams when it comes to the perfect wedding dress?

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