Monday, May 10, 2010

Trash the Dress Wedding Photography

Now some brides go to ultimate extremes when it comes to creating a memorable wedding album... the hot not-so-new trend of "trash the dress photography" - yes, that is actually it's official name involves brides being shot destroying their dresses via fire, earth, water, paint... really whatever they can get their hands on!

The result is a fierce artistic expression, some reminiscent of a fantasy or fairytale scene... very, very cool if you can cope with destroying a beautiful piece of clothing (not to mention pricey)!

I really love the images. They may be a bit edgier, but I find they add a lot of honestly, personality and natural beauty to the pictures... much nicer than bridal parties placed in rows for a group pic. These photo's are romance revived!

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Fashionista 514


Haud said...

Excellent ! Wonderfull! A lovely concept!

Ever Lopez said...

Excellent pictures, I love trash the dress sessions, they are the fun part of the wedding.
Ever Lopez

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