Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Something Blue

Now I was never one to dream about my wedding when I was a little girl. Never one to fantasize about the dress, plan out who I would invite or ponder bridesmaids... but there are four particular things that I am going to be very particular about when the day does come...

Wedding dresses I don't care much for. I see them mostly as an impractical splurge that could have been well spent elsewhere. I figure I would still do the wedding dress thing with something vintage or easy to wear after for a party or special event (It must shine again)! But the shoes... oh... the shoes... now they must have the blue soles and be Louboutin. This is a must, not a want... an actual wedding NEED!

Brides from all around have been shedding tears because Louboutin no longer releases the blue soled beauties it once did... but I have a little secret to tip you all off on...

If you order your shoes through their boutiques, you can put in a custom order for any shoe style you want! Yes ladies, you heard right - they will make your order specially for YOU! Now, if that is not the ultimate in indulgences... I really don't know what is! Just think of how amazingly this would add to your wardrobe (think jeans and a beautiful blouse)...

Second on my list of marriage "must haves" is the ring. Aye, for the fashionista something that is a permanent staple in her look must do her justice! My ring must be freakin' spectacular (my babe has been forewarned and knows the rules of my game) :P.

It is a reminder (when times are tough) of the love you have for each other and the sacrifice of salary he made to have you by his side for the rest of eternity (I think it's amazingly romantic).

Third and fourth on the docket for my nuptual necessities are the party itself. It must be only our closest friends and family, ridiculously small and at a glamorous, very Parisian restaurant. A very "steak frite"type of surrounding! No set menu, just lots of champagne, good food and even greater company :).

The most important to me though, above any material satisfaction is the vows. They must be from the heart and shared in private. For my actual ceremony I am a strong believer that a couple's love is nobody else's business but their own. When I confess my love to my future husband it will be in complete privacy (with the exception of whoever will actually be marrying us). A secret promise only meant for the two of us to know.

What are your marriage "must-haves"?


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