Friday, April 9, 2010

Welcoming Robyn of Fashionista514 to the Boudoir Blog!

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We've got some exciting news for you today!

The Bridal Boudoir is Proud to announce a new contributor to the Bridal Boudoir Affair Blog! It's Montreal's own Fashionista and blogger, Robyn of Fashionista514!!

Her love of fashion, couture, boudoir and burlesque makes her a perfect addition to the Maddy K Team and Bridal Boudoir Affair! And what's more... Robyn will be the official blogger at the Bridal Boudoir Affair in 2010. She'll posting throughout the entire event, making sure you won't miss a thing!

We hope you enjoy Robyn's weekly post on the Bridal Boudoir Website!

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