Monday, April 19, 2010

The Modern Boudoir - At Home!

I love and adore all things boudoir and burlesque... but admittedly it can be hard to incorporate such a vintage approach to life into our modern day lifestyles. While I would love to strut around town in a boned corset, headpieces and dramatic makeup (okay... well maybe I'm already guilty of that...), sometimes they just don't top the practical/ideal list.

The home however, is an escape you can retire to at the end of a long day. A place that can reflect your personal style and allow you to feel your most comfortable. Why not add some gorgeous boudoir appeal to your space and spruce it up via the little things? It's amazing what a well placed mirror, printed cushion, exotic backboard or shag rug can do for small (or large) spaces and bring that glamorous and sexy vibe to your love nest :).

The first staple every boudoir babe MUST own is without question the makeup vanity. There is nothing more feminine and dainty than a place to put your face on while the transformation from woman to goddess begins. A beautiful table with an equally gorgeous mirror topped with perfume bottles, powder puffs and silver plated hairbrushes... *sigh*... Why don't I have one of these yet!?!

Next on the docket... the bed. The most heavenly, satin and silky, puffed up duvets and sheets enclosed by beautiful borders - the most divine palace for love and beauty rest. This (aside from the bathtub) HAS to be the most luxurious part of home living. There is nothing like a decked out soft-as-feathers bed to drift off into dreamland the right way!

Now vintage styled wallpaper is absolutely stunning, but not always the best option for those of us who rent or don't want to spend a small fortune (that stuff ain't cheap!). Instead, opt for some great graphic prints to hang above your bed, fireplace (if your lucky enough to have one) and in the bathroom. Place smaller frames together for a unique "tiled" look or frame some old black and white pictures or movie posters!

Chandeliers, candlesticks and crystal glasses are the next step. A girls gotta have the ambiance and tools to sip some bubbly before a night out on the town!

Eugh I want it all!!! So lovely!

Just picture yourself in slippers and a big fluffy housecoat coming home to any one of these images... it's like a dream realized every time!

It's official... I'm starting my boudoir bedroom hunt! Gotta inject some vintage allure to my pad... hopefully the man won't put up too much of a fight :P

Happy Start to the Week! Keep on Daydreamin'


Fashionista 514

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