Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Getting the Most out of a Bridal Show

(image from the 2009 Bridal Boudoir Affair)

We're often asked how to "tackle" a bridal show. It's very overwhelming for most brides as there is just so much to see, eat, try and do! Here are a few key steps that will help you make the most of a bridal show.

1. Buy your tickets for the show in advance! Shows usually offer early birds, coupons and promotions before the show, unfortunately at the door... there is no deal!

2. Don't drag your man to the show - that is unless he wants to go! A bridal show is very, how do you say, targeted to women. Although it's great to have your finance with you, if he doesn't want to go... don't drag him!

3.Bring a camera! This is a little trick we tell all our brides! If you see an idea or are inspired by the set-up, it's easier to show your planner what you want when you have pictures to accompany them!

(image from the 2009 Bridal Boudoir Affair)

4 . Wear comfortable shoes. You'll be standing almost the entire day, so you want to make sure you're comfortable.

5. Bring a pen and a pad of paper. Taking notes will help you remember what you talked about and who you spoke with. If you get a vendors business card mark a "happy face" or "sad face" if you liked or disliked the vendor - or rate the vendor with a score, from 1-10. It's a easy little trick that will help you remember who you liked!

6. Bring 1 or 2 people, but you definitely don't need to bring the entire bridal party. Having a few key people is important, but too many can make for a crowded and overwhelming experience.

(image from the 2009 Bridal Boudoir Affair)

7. Arrive early! Most of the crowds arrive mid-day. Being there early will give you more time with vendors.

8. Don't buy on the spot, but make an appointment shortly after the show. It's easy to get caught up in the moment, but sometimes those "impulse buys" will haunt you. Make an appointment with the vendor after the show.

9. Leave room for snacking, but don't go to a show starving! There are always treats, desserts, drinks and snacks at a show, but there are rarely any meals. If you tend to get hungry, bring an energy bar!

(image from the 2009 Bridal Boudoir Affair)

10. Have Fun!!! This is a once in a lifetime experience for you, enjoy the show and relax!

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