Monday, April 26, 2010

Bringing Home the Bling Bacon

What do I consider to be the most fashion forward move a woman can make?

Buying her own bling!

Ladies, I'm not talking about raiding Forever 21 and coming home with your prized $5 deals (and I ain't knockin' that either - there is a place and time for everything), but there is nothing more satisfying and empowering than buying yourself a completely unnecessary, beautiful, sparkly, expensive object! The kind that rich and powerful New York Tycoons opt for... lavish stones set in cocktail rings, diamond pave earrings, a strand of Tahitian pearls... just because.

The "I love myself" piece that reminds you that you are strong, independent and play the game of life by your own rules! Married, not married, to-be married... doesn't matter - you never need an excuse to spoil yourself - and neither does your man (make sure he knows this ;P).

While I love flowers and chocolates, homemade breakfasts in bed and little secretive surprises, sometimes life calls for a bigger gesture... and who better to treat yourself than you!

When you get there, hold your head high and proud. You got there by yourself and realized something out of nothing!

Girl (Lady) Power!


Fashionista 514

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