Thursday, July 15, 2010

Chandelier Accents

There's nothing quite like a gorgeous chandelier centerpiece to really right up a room (no pun intended - I swear)!

Be it in your bedroom, boudoir or dining room, no matter what the style (and oh how there are so many beautiful ones to choose from), an instant touch of class and sophistication is immediately applied.

As much as I adore the old-school candle chandeliers (think Dracula's castle... quite the fire hazard) and the romanticism they bring, there are so many modern designs out there that really up the ante of personal interior style and make your pad unforgettable.

Make your own out of old milk bottles and wine glasses, create beautifully transparent shapes with paper and cutouts, or snag a gorgeous vintage steal on eBay!

Enjoy the imagery ;)

Always remember ladies and gentlemen... glam is good - so let it out!


Fashionista 514


Anonymous said...

Pure Serendipity!

Shop Girl* said...

I LOVE interesting light fixtures... I can't wait to own my own home so I can jazz it up!

Maha A. said...

I love these light fixtures. Where is the first image from?

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