Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Caketress - Lori Hutchinson Designs

I don't know about all of you, but I am something of a TLC fiend... I don't know what it is about cake decorating that gets me so incredibly hooked, but I adore Cake Boss, Ultimate Cake Off and DC Cupcakes. Although I have a mega salty-tooth, with one mention of the word "buttercream" it's over.

It sends me into a cupcake craving CRAZE!

All you lucky brides-to-be get to choose some marvelous sweets for your big day *jealous*!

From moist spongecake with mousse filling and purees to whipped cream topped and fondant perfection... it just doesn't get much better than choosing your wedding cake!


That's why I'm all about cake decorator Lori Hutchinson (a.k.a. the Caketress)... making gorgeous sugar coated creations even Marie Antoinette herself would die to savor!

Based out of Ontario, Lori has made every cake imaginable and always with the utmost elegance, sophistication and skill... each their own masterpiece and creative genius.

I am seriously considering buying my own small wedding-like cake to keep in the freezer for whenever those shows come on... I think it could be a rather great idea ;).

The demand for creative, personality-reflecting cakes has gotten so high that customers are willing to pay as high as $10,000 for a cake (and I'm sure some even more than that)!

While this may sound crazy, cake decorating is definitely becoming more than just a mere addition to any celebration - it is the centerpiece for "ooohhs" and "ahhhhsss" and "how did they make that".

An undeniable edible art!

What a foxy cake!

So boudoir ladies, let me ask you this;

What is your to-die-for cake flavor?
What would you be willing to spend on a cake of this grandeur?
What style would you choose for your dream cake?

(I seriously need a cupcake right now... cake and icing overload - making my mouth water)


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